Since 1891, Orting Valley Fire & Rescue has been a leader in high quality customer service to our great community. 



To exceed our community’s expectations through kindness, professionalism and excellence.


Be Better Every Day!


Response:  Strive to make a difference on each response, by being a competent, trained team, honoring our role in protecting the lives we serve.


Service:  Dedicated to serving with compassion, by providing positive interactions and education through an efficient and effective service to our community.


Respect:  Respect our citizens, each other, and the profession, to include the role we play on and off duty. Treat others how you would expect to be treated.


Preparedness:  Get trained, stay trained, develop professionally, and always execute your skills flawlessly.  Maintain our minds and bodies, to be mentally and physically prepared to respond and serve.


Leadership:  Lead by example, regardless of rank or position. Carry out our Mission by providing purpose, direction and motivation.  Be goal oriented, responsible for developing and mentoring others in an ethical and professional manner to create a positive influence.


Integrity:  Show loyalty to our community and the members of Orting Valley Fire and Rescue.  Be confident, composed and honorable.



Orting Valley Fire & Rescue is a combination Fire District comprised of Career and Volunteer members.  We serve an area of approximately 31 square miles with a population of nearly 14,000.

I am pleased and honored to lead this outstanding group of individuals. Their passion to serve is second to none.
— Zane Gibson, Fire Chief OVFR

Services Provided

  • State-of-the-Art Fire Suppression
  • Advanced Life Support transport services
  • Swift Water Rescue
  • Wildland Fire Mitigation
  • Continuous Community Involvement
  • CPR/First Aid Instruction
  • Babysitter Courses for Youth