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Dear OVFR resident,

I just wanted to give you an update in terms of what’s next with OVFR’s funding and levy. We had very low voter turnout and a low “yes” vote this month. This means the measure failed. While this is disappointing, it does not mean that OVFR won’t stop providing excellent service. We will be placing the M and O levy on the ballot in November at the current rate of $0.63 per thousand. It will not be an increase in your taxes. It will be the same amount you pay today. While we could get a 60% “yes” vote in November we still need enough “yes” voters to validate. If the measure does not validate it fails as well.

This measure is essential funding for OVFR. The current M and O levy supports our no out of pocket expense ambulance service and keeps the station staffed with 2 units 24/7. The current M and O levy will expire at the end of 2017.

For the past 18 months OVFR has been reviewing its strategic plan. This plan included a citizen’s advisory group, firefighters, Fire Commissioners and HOA board members. The goal of the strategic plan is to identify OVFR’s needs and where the district needs to be in 5+ years. We will continue working with our citizen’s advisory group to move forward toward our goals. I will be looking for opportunities to talk to the community. We will explore all funding options to follow the strategic plan. The big items from the strategic plan include:

• Long term solution to headquarters station
• Increase staffing to address rising call volumes
• Replenish reserves
• Start an apparatus replacement plan
• Explore opportunities with our partner agencies

All these items didn’t change with the results of the vote last week. We just have to adjust and find other options to accomplish our goals. The staff at OVFR is committed to providing you the high quality service you have come to expect.

Zane Gibson, Fire Chief

We would like to invite you to attend our Board of Commissioners meetings in November.

Tuesday November 7th, 14th, & 21st

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