Thursday July 20th, 2017 Special Meeting

We would like to invite you to attend our Board of Commissioners meetings in August.

Thursday August 3rd and Tuesday August 15th at 6:30 p.m.



On behalf of all the men and women who work for you at Orting Valley Fire and Rescue, we would like to give our awesome citizens a big “Thank You”.  Your support this summer has been humbling and re-affirms our dedication to provide you a professional, responsive service.  There are two items in particular we would like to address.

First, a thank you to the voters who approved our permanent EMS levy.  The levy passed at 68.70%.  This will be one less election that the district will have to run, saving taxpayer money and staff time.  We really appreciate your support for this measure and will strive to continue to provide the high level of service you deserve.  You, as the citizen will still have a say in the EMS levy from time to time as we will be required to ask for a lid lift as required by I-747.  We will be limited to a 1% increase and that in turn will cause the levy to drop from its current level of fifty cents.  The levy will not expire and we will not see a decrease in funding, but we cannot increase more than 1% without your approval.  

Secondly, our staff has been humbled at the support the state and especially the community has for our crews that have been working to fight the wildland fires across the state.  I myself assisted administratively in Okanogan County and have heard first hand from the citizens of Okanogan County how much your OVFR firefighters work is appreciated.  Our Tender is somewhat of a celebrity, as it gets photographed by many news agencies in Spokane, Seattle and even nationally.  We try to share this with you on Facebook when we can.  I am very proud of our men and women and love to see the attention that Orting gets for helping fight wildland fires across the state.  The training and experience our personnel receive is invaluable and will help OVFR be better at providing service here at home. 

Again, thank you for your overwhelming support, we could not do this without our community.  We are honored to serve you, the citizens.   I personally am available to speak to any citizen, and I love to share what we are doing for you.  Please feel free to visit me or any of our staff at Orting Valley Fire and Rescue.


Zane Gibson

Fire Chief

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